How Delicious Web works for website maintenance service Company?

  • You need to send your updates via email.
  • After that, you will get a confirmation mail from us with in short period of time.
  • On or before the due date completion of the work, you will get an email from our technical department.
What we offer for monthly website maintenance packages?
  • Website maintenance Clients who choose our monthly maintenance for website get complimentary consultations, guaranteed availability, regular check-ins, lower prices, and discussions about their website's health as well as effectiveness.
  • At Delicious Web, we will discuss your budget, goals, and requirements, after that we put the best and affordable site maintenance retainer package for your business.

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Knows About History

In order to keep the website content current, all sites need to be maintained. Therefore, various websites require updates on regular basis while other websites only need maintenance on periodic basis.

At Delicious Web, we build a professional website maintenance services plan for various websites. The maintenance of Website includes changing, editing, or revising existing pages of the web to keep your website updated with unique and high quality content. In search engine listings, without taking and updating account of the fresh rules, a site may simply get "buried".

Our website maintenance services include :
  • Making individual updates
  • Maintaining the blog updated with fresh content
  • Making Regular reviews to the advantage able improvement alternatives.
  • Maintaining your latest events calendar or news.
  • Adding new functionality (forms, gallery, blog, online store, etc. )
  • Improving the design of your website.
  • Making improvements of your website.
  • Reworking outdated components.
  • Upgrading your plugins or cms.
  • We are dedicated to long-term collaborative partnerships and relationships. We will be interested in managing applications as well as building applications so that our amazing skills may actually complement your business.
  • Adding new sections or pages to your site.
  • Functionality troubleshooting.
  • Webstie provides several kinds of maintenance services to help keep things fresh.
  • Our team can optimize as well as resize images for your site.
  • Our team can maintain and clean up websites.
  • Our team can perform software website patches and upgrades your software such as Joomla and WordPress.
  • We can offer maintenance as well as regular updates for your site.
With the contract of our website maintenance, you are entitled to make lots of text revisions to the existing website. The website maintenance includes :
  • Deleting on the web pages.
  • Editing graphics on the web pages.
  • Redesigning web pages.
  • Maintaining your latest events calendar or news.
  • Adding on the web pages.
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